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To Hello everyone! I love to empower people to look and feel their best. I have been a licensed Esthetician for 20+ years, I have used my professional license to work in skincare, makeup, cosmetic makeup such as powder brows, microblading eyebrows, 3d areola reconstruction, lip blush tattoo, and eyelash extensions for over 12 years.

I have over 15  certifications with some of the best of the best trainers in the world, from Tina Davies, Ink Boutique, Shay Danielle, Claire Vuillemot, Girlz ink, Mary Richardson, Maven, and Extreme.

My real true passion is cosmetic makeup. Being able to create art on someone’s face and body is such an honor that I’m so grateful for! The power of well-shaped eyebrows is undeniable. Even for someone who never wears makeup, a complimentary eyebrow shape can bring beauty and balance to the face. Add a little blush of color to the lip and wow. I especially love working with my clients after there breast cancer surgeries doing 3d areola on double or single mastectomy and transitioning top surgeries. Please reach out to me by email at or 773-987-8722 allow me a day to respond, for more information on areola work. 

I love owning my own business. I love being with my clients helping them look their best. The best part of my job is handing them the mirror so they can see themselves in the best light.

Why choose me? Experience and dedication to my services. 

Do you want an esthetician that is highly skilled and has trained all over the united states? I pride myself on how much I have invested into my career with continuing workshops and classes every year. I love knowing the newest trends. I am here for you solving your beauty problems one service at a time.

Have questions or curious which treatment is right for you?


first one

We use a numbing cream to desensitize the area prior to your treatment! 

COVID Safety Protocols

Private sanitized room. Yes, we are one on one.

Masks are required. I will be wearing either a surgical mask or N-95 mask at all times. You are also required to wear a mask at all times.

EPA Compliant. I use an EPA hospital compliant grade disinfectant that is used between every client.

If you are feeling sick, experiencing a fever, or a loss of taste we will need to reschedule your appointment.

Cancellation Policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment you must do so within 24 hours of your appointment time. However, if you start experiencing symptoms the day of your appointment let me know asap. I am taking fewer clients during covid for canceling as soon as you can is helpful to me as I could potentially fill that time spot. Please be respectful of my time. Thank you so much.


first one

We use a numbing cream to desensitize the area prior to your treatment! 

General Policies

Cancelations. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment you must do so 48 hours before your appointment time. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for paying your appointment fee upon your next visit.

No Shows. You will be marked as a no show at 10 minutes late. You will be responsible for paying your service fee in full at your next visit.

Payments. A credit card is required to book all beauty services. Your card will not be charged at the time of booking but will be kept on file.

Makeup Touch-Ups. If you want me to do any cosmetic makeup touch-up on another artist's work, you will be charged my first session price.

Lash Extensions. If you come to me from another studio wearing lash extensions you will have to book a 90 fill appointment. If I have not seen you before for Lash extensions book a 90 appt.

Refunds. Because of the nature of my work I do not offer refunds. However, if you have a concern please contact me within 48 hours of the services rendered and I will fix and address any concerns.



first one

We use a numbing cream to desensitize the area prior to your treatment! 

What is microblading?
Microbrows is the name of a service…it is a technique we perform to simulate hair strokes. It's more superficial than tattooing; the strokes of pigment we implant imitate eyebrow hairs, appearing crisp and extremely fine, perfectly mimicking real hair.
How long does it last?
A Microbrows session is a semi-permanent procedure that lasts around 12 months. The keyword is semi-permanent and client results will vary based on skin type and lifestyle. Aftercare must be taken seriously to ensure the best outcome for your brows. For all touch-up appointments, it is the client's responsibility to book these in advance.
How long does the microblading procedure take?

The procedure is done in two, sometimes three appointments to achieve the final look. the initial appointment and then a Perfecting Session 6 to 12 weeks later. The perfecting session should be booked 6 to 8 weeks after your first appointment.

Please allow up to 2 hours for your first microblading appointment to be completed. Most of this time is spent allowing the numbing cream to take effect and talking about the specifics. After the procedure is done, you will then discuss aftercare instructions. Also, taking some before and after pictures of your new look.

The Perfecting Session will be scheduled when you leave your initial appointment. We schedule perfecting sessions 6-12 weeks after your first session. The time between appointments gives the skin time to heal and lets the color settle into the skin. The second appointment will not take as long; plan on about 90 minutes. I will see how your skin has retained the pigment and make any adjustments to color or shape as needed. They will also go over some strokes to ensure the best possible retention. To sum it up, really this appointment is exactly as described- it's all about the perfecting of your new brows.

How long does healing take?

The complete healing process takes up to 4 weeks, but you will have only 7-10 days of specific aftercare following each session. Please allow at least a week if you have an event or special occasion coming up. Microbrows will provide you with the necessary aftercare instructions and kit. Your new semi-permanent eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing process. The pigment will appear very sharp and dark immediately after the procedure. This is because the pigment is still sitting on top of your skin and has not yet settled completely. The color of the pigment will soften gradually, and you may see some pigment on your towel after washing your face, or on your pillowcase - do not be alarmed. Once the healing of the skin starts taking place, the brows will look like they have dandruff flakes or dry skin. This might give you the impression that the color pigment is fading too quickly; however, this is just superficial color and dry skin being naturally removed from your eyebrows. After a couple days, this will subside. Once completely healed, we advise applying a layer of sunscreen on your eyebrows when exposed to the sun, as sun exposure might cause the color pigment to fade away more quickly.

Does it hurt?

In a word, yes. But not that much. Numbing cream and gel are used liberally throughout the procedure and it's more uncomfortable than painful.

first one

We use a numbing cream to desensitize the area prior to your treatment! 

How long do microbrows last?
Everyone’s skin is different so it greatly depends on your skin composition and your healing process. No guarantee can be made that a specific client will benefit the same as another from this procedure. Microbrows implants pigment into the basal layer of the epidermis; it is a form of cosmetic tattooing, using fine, delicate strokes to make the brow look as natural as possible. Other factors that play a role in longevity are skin color, the pigment used, thickness of the lines, and mostly how aggressive your immune system is in metabolizing the pigment. Factors such as sun exposure, BOTOX, AHA’s (lactic, glycolic, citric, retinoic and tartaric acids) or any OTC creams and lotions for tone correcting, anti-aging, exfoliating, or lightening the skin can cause your Microbrows to fade.
How do you choose color?
Microbrows uses a huge variety of high-quality pigments. The microblading specialists will choose the color that is perfect for you.
Am I a candidate for permanent makeup?

Permanent Makeup CANNOT be performed if any of the following applies to you:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you are sick (cold, flu, etc.)
  • If you are under 18.
  • If you are currently receiving chemotherapy treatments.
  • If you have any skin diseases, symptoms, or irritation that appears on the eyebrow, such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, scabies, ringworm, acne, allergic reaction, boils, wounds, severe scaling keratosis, and damaged capillaries.
  • If you are on Accutane, you must be off of it for at least 12 months before getting Microblading.
  • If you have epilepsy.
  • If you are Diabetic.
  • If you have thin skin or Rosacea
How should I prepare for my appointment?

It is vital that you properly follow all pre-care instructions as it can greatly affect your healed results. Failure to follow pre-care instructions may result in you being sent home the day of. So PLEASE read very carefully!


  • Retin-A and Hydroxy Acids (Salicylic, Glycolic, Lactic): Please do not use any of these ingredients on or near the brow area. If you are using Retin-A keep it off your forehead entirely. This can cause excessive bleeding which will result in blurred/ashy healed results.
  • Waxing/Threading/Tweezing: I recommend coming to your appointment with your brows as grown in as possible. I will clean them up for you at your appointment. If you must wax please do so at lest 2 weeks before your appointment. If you Tint your brows please do so 1 week before your appointment.
  • Botox: If you regularly get Botox it must be done at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment to allow for it to settle. Otherwise you could end up with uneven brows.
  • Sun Exposure Please avoid excessive sun exposure and tanning beds as tanned skin wont heal as well. If you are sunburned we cannot do your brows.
  • Facial Treatments Please do not receive any chemical peels, 


  • To minimize bleeding please avoid any alcohol or Blood Thinners (Ibuprofen, Advil, Aspirin etc.). If you regularly take Vitamin E, Fish oil, or Niacin please discontinue use 72 hrs. prior to your appointment as well as these can also thin your blood. If you bleed excessively at your appointment it can result in blurred/Ashy healed results.
  • I recommend mapping directions to my studio so you know how long the commute is. If you are later than 15 min to your appointment I will have to reschedule you.


  • I recommend washing your hair the day of your appointment. You will not be able to get your brows wet for 10 days. This will at least give you a few days before your next wash.
  • Please avoid working out. This will increase blood flow and cause excessive bleeding.
  • If you normally wear makeup on your eyebrows please fill them in prior to your appointment. This helps me see what you are used to. If you have pictures of brows you like please have those ready as well for reference. Keep in mind I map out what brows will be best for your face shape so they will never be exactly like a photo.

Specific to Lash Enhancement:

  • You must discontinue use of lash growth serums for at least 3 months prior to your Eyeliner treatment. These serums can cause excessive bleeding and push the pigment out. You will not retain ink if you are using Lash serums.
  • We cannot perform eyeliner if you have eyelash extensions on. I would recommend removing them a few days before your treatment. After you have healed from the first session and touch up, which takes about 2 months you can re-apply.
What is the proper aftercare?

Day of Procedure

ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your brows, it is a wound!

One hour after the treatment, blot/pat your eyebrows with paper towel to blot of any excess plasma so it does not form a crust. Repeat this bloting steps every 2-3 hours.

Days 2-10

Wash dry apply thin layer of aftercare at  night (and morning if you have oily skin) repeat the Wash/Dry/Aftercare steps from Day 1 above. Keep brows dry in the shower... steamy hot showers will cause the pores to open and scabs to soften, so to be cautious, no extra steamy hot showers!

What is to be avoided:

  • Do not get brows wet for the first 10 days (except for when you wash them); that includes steam and sweat. (Take quick showers so there is no steam on the mirror, Avoid the water ESPECIALLY shampoo and conditioner running down.. that’ll cause color discoloration!)
  • Avoid working out for the first 7 days, sweat can push out the pigment and also cause discoloration.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning beds for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Do not apply sunscreen for 2 weeks. (If you are in the sun wear a hat and sunglasses)
  • Do not apply makeup on the brows for at least 10 days or until all scabs have fallen off.
  • Do not use any Hydroxy acids or Retin-A around the brow area.
  • No facials, Botox, chemical peels, or laser treatments for 4 weeks.
  • Do not pick, scratch, itch, or pull off any of the scabs or areas which are peeling. (Picking at or pulling off the scabs will cause the pigment to fall out and result in spots left without any pigment or in some cases scarring.)
  • Try not to sleep on your face.

Once healed – For better pigment retention keep your brows moisturized, wear SPF daily, and keep Retin-A and Hydroxy acids away from brows. 

What is lip blush?

Lips are a sensual feature and are a crucial part of looking youthful. As we age we lose volume, color and definition. Lip blush is a soft blush of color which will also add definition to the border of your lips. Lip blush can last 2-5 years depending on what color is chosen and how saturated you would like the color.

How to prepare for your appointment

  • If you have ever experienced a cold sore, please begin taking prescription cold sore medication 2-3 days prior to your appointment. Trauma to the area can cause a flare up.
  • If you get filler in your lips you must wait 2 weeks to get them tattooed. If you are planning to do filler its best to do it before getting lip blush. The filler will plump your lips nicely and make lip blushing smoother.
  • To minimize bleeding please avoid any alcohol or Blood Thinners (Ibuprofen, Advil, Aspirin etc.). If you regularly take Vitamin E, Fish oil, or Niacin please discontinue use 72 hrs. prior to your appointment as well as these can also thin your blood.
  • It is important to come to your appointment with soft moisturized lips for best results. 
  • Avoid lipstick for 1 week before as they can dry your lips out.

Lip After Care

  • Rinse with lukewarm water AM and PM
  • Keep lips moisturized with aftercare balm. Do not allow to dry out.
  • For 72 hrs. Avoid spicy, citrus, and greasy foods on the area.
  • For 7 days Avoid sun exposure, pools, excessive sweating, and kissing.
  • DO NOT PICK AT ANY SCABS this will pull color and may scar.


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Ok, seriously ladies, if you haven't tried Ritual Brow and Lash, don't think twice and grab an appointment immediately!

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Each and every session with Randi is quite enjoyable and I always leave feeling more beautiful and confident.

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I have been wanting to get micro-blading done for so long! Randi has an incredible amount of training and experience, not to mention her skill and attention to detail. She took her time with the consultation and color matching part of the process and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

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